The Future of IT Education

The advent of information technology is destined to usher in a new era of tremendous and hither to undreamt of possibilities in the 21st century, all over the globe. Computer is the most potent instrument of this revolution.

India is the second fastest growing economy in the world. The IT sector is growing rapidly and the demand for IT professionals is increasing by leaps and bounds. The IT industry is one which is not limited to software development alone. Technology can be applied in libraries, hospitals, banks, shops, prisons, hotels, airports, train stations and many other places through database management systems, or through custom-made software as seen fit.

A report by Ernst & Young states that the domestic IT demand in India is expected to surpass US $90 billion in the next decade. This clearly shows that information technology is a sector which will likely be one of the emerging markets in the days to come as India's economy requires more hardware, software and other IT professionals. The industry estimates say that more than two third of all graduates in India are unemployable since they do not have the required IT skills.

While the Indian economy is poised to move on a double-digit trajectory, dearth of skilled manpower has proved to be a deterrent for many industries in this country. Time and again, industry has expressed concern over the shortage of skilled resources in India.

So, there is a dire need of backing up conventional study and teaching with technical education, as it will not only help in the development of the country, but also the person possessing those skills. A technically sound person is never short of jobs. Thus, technical education as per the needs of the present market will assist in uplifting society.